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Orthocera Fossil

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Orthoceras, meaning “straight horn”, is the fossilized remains of a prehistoric cephalopod dating back to the Ordovician period about 400 million years ago. The Orthoceras were believed to be one of the most intelligent forms of ocean life and are one of the earliest recognizable animals to date. Orthoceras have a large range of size, growing anywhere from a few inches to over six feet. Being an ancestor to the modern squid, octopus and cuttlefish, the Orthoceras were special in having the ability to both swim and crawl at the  bottom of the sea floor.

The Orthoceras helps move you from the old to the new. It has the physical healing ability to enhance telepathy, stimulate the mind, reduce tiredness, exhaustion and low energy. Orthoceras is also known to help with digestive disorders and help settle the stomach.

Orthoceras is a great stone for depression. Being a very grounding stone, it assists in balancing emotions and increasing confidence.

Known to help heal past life set backs and to overcome fears of the past. Helps access information from a past life.

Stimulates the mind and helps relieve stress and anxiety. Orthoceras is also a good stone for transformation and personal growth.